"Dance is the hidden 
language of the soul."
​- Martha Graham
The ancient art of "Belly Dancing" is a dance form that is more than a spiritual connection between mind and body, it is a joyous expression of the feminine soul. 

Raqs Sharqi is the Arabic term for "Dance of the East". Today many people are seeking out the serenity of ancient Eastern philosophies and practices to help them rise above the stress of life in our modern era. This style of dance has become a popular remedy to our hectic lifestyles. 

Belly Dancing transcends us to an ethereal state of mind. It's a dance of empowerment, a celebration of womanhood!

Sirena Sultana has been a student of dance for more than half of her life. As an instructor and performer in Southeastern Connecticut, her fascination with Belly Dancing has compelled her to share this passion with others.
Sirena Sultana
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